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Credits go mostly to Magik
Here all tagges which Magik,Tragedy,Synful and Sami did for me in Dark Light forum.Thank you soooo much guys for beautiful tagges!Love ya *hugs*.Some are from HIM-Addicts too (like from previous posts) I`m newest moderator of Dark Light forum.I`m so honoured and happy!!!!! I couldn`t post some tagges,they won`t upload :/

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Credit goes to the ComradeMETAL

Today is 58 years of cuban revolution!!!!:D Viva la revolucion!!!!!Hasta la victoria siempre!!!!!!:D


Writer's Block: Going for the throat

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

I would rather be a vampire!!!!They are so sexy,elegant,sophisticated...perfect!!!

14.June-birth of Che Guevara

Credit goes to the owner

Today,on 14.June (in Serbia is almost midnight) 83 years ago was born Ernesto Che Guevara,great man,revolutionist,my idol!!!This is very special day for me *salute*


My friend on serbian "I got talent"

Credit goes to DELIJENAVIJANJE1989

I didn`t watch yesterday "I got talent" because I was on concert of croation band "Parni Valjak" (here is link from concert: http://youtu.be/6dqVsxdAj7g). Parni Valjak was last time in Niš 20 years ago.So many generation were there.Ah I wish I was born in ex Yugoslavia...Back to story.I saw today on youtube that my friend Marko was on "I got talent".He didn`t told me that.I was surprised.I think Oliver conviced him to participate.Oliver won 2nd place on last "I got talent".Marko was awesomeeeee.He played song which played on his gigs :D I hope he`ll win.*cross fingers*


Banners 3rd part

Credit goes to Magik

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Banners 2nd part

Credit goes to Magik

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New stuff with my username

Credit to all this cards which I posted goes to Magik


Katerina & Elijah

Credits go to the owners